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    .. ob das nun ein gutes oder ein schlechtes Zeichen ist?

    Hey everyone,There have been two forum posts in my time at BioWare that have been difficult to write: my introduction, and this one. For those who prefer brevity, I won’t bury the lead: February will be my final month on the SWTOR team and, in fact, with BioWare. I have had an amazing few years here, but it is time to sail different seas. I will go ahead and nip a few things in the bud because I know they will come up:

    I haven’t been fired, and I haven’t been laid off.
    I am leaving BioWare to move to California.

    Okay, that out of the way, moving on.

    “What are you doing now, Tait?”

    An excellent question, me. For now, nothing I can disclose career-wise, but if you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you’ll see soon (It’s @pariahloki. Shameless plug). However, I am leaving Austin and moving to San Diego, where I imagine I will spend a lot of time eating tacos*, playing Frank Turner songs on an acoustic guitar, wishing I could afford more tattoos, and generally trying to be more like I was in 2006 – which is basically just skinnier and more emo. Just kidding. Same amount of emo. That never really went away. Have I ever told you the story about the time I saw Fear Before The March of Flames play on a sheet of plywood in a guy’s backyard in my hometown? There were like 10 people there— you know what? Maybe we’ll cross paths again someday, and I can tell you all about it over some tacos.

    People often ask me what I do, and when I say I work for BioWare the natural follow up is “what do you do at BioWare,” and that is a deceptively difficult question to answer. Everyone here sees what I do publicly – primarily maintenance messaging, these days – but the sheer diversity of the things I do behind the scenes is hard to explain. That said, one thing has remained consist between the job titles (three!) I have worn here: advocating for players on a daily basis.

    For now, however, I just want to say that, even though there have been rough times, I have never once dreaded coming into work. Not one time in the time I’ve worked here, and a huge part of that is all of you. Yes, you. If you have somehow come across these words on the internet, I am talking to you. You are the beating heart that keeps this vibrant and unabashedly passionate community going, and for that you don’t get enough credit. But I assure you, every single day people come into work and strive to show you just how important you are to us.

    And I will miss that the most.


    *Okay, but, for real. There is this restaurant/bar in San Diego that has the best fish tacos I’ve ever had and I can’t remember what it is called. Send help. It’s on 3rd, 4th, or 5th within a few blocks of Market. I think it had a small stage in it? I went during SDCC one year.


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